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My Rotting Body

Proudly supported by the UoM Theatre Board

All Life Rots

Join us on the forest floor for a multisensory, immersive exploration of death, life, and the processes in between.

We invite you to stay a while, discover the unexpected and feel at home here.


We acknowledge and pay respect to the original caretakers and storytellers of the country we share today; the Boonwurrung and Wurundjeri. The First People of this continent have cared for the land and the future for thousands of years, and it is our duty to do so as well. We extend a particular respect to elders past, present and forthcoming, and to any First Nations people present. We would also like to acknowledge the natural resources used in this work. These have been taken with permission from the beautiful Wilin Garden, also on the land of the Boonwurrung and Wurundjeri. Always Was, Always Will Be. 


Samira Reason

Rebecca Vincent

Chloe Mckeon

Taylor Reece

Brigid Quonoey

If there are any barriers to your access please let us know

Masks are required in this performance space.

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Strong smells, low light and confined spaces

Images somewhat representing captivity/bondage

  • My Rotting Body is designed to engage all five senses, so all patrons will be able to engage with the work in their own way. The experience of the work is audience driven - patrons choose to explore what they desire.

  • Wheelchair and mobility devices access is possible, please consult Front of House

  • Visual Rating: 50 percent. Aural Rating: 50 percent - the work does not involve spoken or written text

  • Tactile tours and audio guides will be available throughout the performance times on request

  • The work involves low light


The team would like to thank the UoM Theatre Board, Georgia Johnson, Duraan Reid, Ounie Witherow Aitken, Candy Cooper, David Harrod, MUSE Production Team, Sarah Austin, Stephanie McKeon, Fran, Char, Alfie, Angelique and Keelan

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