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I feel sick. We’re all sick. Sick of waiting here. Resisting only makes it grow. I’m bored. Are you? 
Join in the marriage of an unsettled religion and a sacred holding space.


Molly Mechen

If there are any barriers to your access please let us know

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Content warnings

  • Explores themes of religion and claustrophobia, boredom and motion sickness. 

  • Mentions of death, gore and physical bodily fluids.

  • Themes include confinement, religion and psychosis.

  • Includes course language and explicit content and is not suitable for audience members under the age of 18. 









  • 75% visual 25% audio 

  • Flexible seating and wheelchair access. 

  • Open door policy - audience members are permitted to leave the performance space at any time. 

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