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No Laughing Matter (NLM)

It's every comedian's worst nightmare, a place where no one can laugh at your bad jokes...

A handful of VCA’s top comedians will enter a NO LAUGHING durational competition in order to win the crown of VCA's funniest dickhead, also taking home a prize of $200!

Hosted by Tahlia Jameson, all competitors will enter a studio and over the course of 4 hours, they will take clowning, improvisation and stamina to the next level - it's easy, just keep a straight face.

No Laughing Matter will be taking over Space 28, inviting audiences to come and go as they please.

Competitors - come prepared! Rounds such as Kryptonite, The Joker Card and A Special Guest will be introduced on the day.


Tahlia Jameson


Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

This piece is completely improvised, and the content is unknown. Audiences should be aware that the piece may contain loud noises and bright lights. Audiences are welcome to leave at any time. 





Accessibility ratings

  • 75% Visual, 25% Audio

If there are any barriers to your access please let us know

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