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The Aevum Valley

Take a journey to the Aevum Valley, join your friends in search for eternal life.


The Aevum Valley follows a group of cultists who have set off into a mysterious edge of the wilderness in search for what they believe to be eternal life. Despite how determined they may seem, nothing could prepare them for the horrors they would find. Watch as the mind of man turns and crumbles, transforming into something unrecognisable in this 1970’s classic horror inspired tale.

This show is Tom Weinert’s first go at writing and directing. He is very excited for you to step into the Aevum Valley and watch this stellar cast bring it to life!

60 minutes


Tom Weinert (he/they)

Louisa Cusumano (she/her)

Jay Gold (they/them)

Sarah Iman (she/they)

Ivy Kršlović (she/her)

Gemma Hassall (they/them)

Sam Eade (he/him)


Anna Fujihara (she/her)
“Laura” / choreographer

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Content warnings

  • Mentions of death

  • Depictions of murder

  • Stylised graphic violence

  • Supernatural themes

  • References to cults

  • implied cannibalism

  • Images of animal skulls

  • Fake weapons

  • Strong coarse language.


Accessibility ratings

  • Moments of low light

  • Flashing light, blackout

  • Loud and sudden noises

  • Overwhelming soundscape

  • Screaming

If there are any barriers to your access feel free to let us know

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