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Angelique Tít, CEO of Tít Wellness and Beauty company, has her job cut out for her as the
launch day of her new baby skincare line is overshadowed by a tragic incident. With the help
of her devoted assistant Tilly, they’ll deliver health and opulence to the unwilling masses.

This is an original piece created by Robbie Dienelt, Nina Mountford, and Veronica Pena
Negrette satirising celebrity wellness culture and girlboss aesthetics.


Robert Dienelt

Writer / Performer: Pete / Storyteller

Veronica Pena Negrette

Performer: Angelique Tít / Storyteller

Nina Mountford

Performer: Tillly / Storyteller

Vitoria Hronopoulos


If there are any barriers to your access please let us know



Accessibility Ratings

Content Warnings

  • Moderate use of fake blood

  • Dialogue regarding assault, drug use, and death.

  • References to diet culture and problematic wellness culture.

  • Depictions of death and an actor playing a corpse.









  • Digital copies of the script accessible via a QR Code before the show in the foyer and in advance upon request.

  • 50% Visual content, 50% aural 

  • We intend to create a document of pre-show notes prior to the performance

  • A plot synopsis or script breakdown is available, along with a guide to where/when any particularly loud or sensory surprises may occur.

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