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Proudly supported by the UoM Theatre Board

‘D E P T H’ is a sensory experience that descends audiences to the bottom of the ocean to live and experience a world that is not their own. ‘D E P T H’ begs the question; how can we be comfortable when we are at our most vulnerable?



Angelique Zhou

Keelan Armstrong

If there are any barriers to your access please let us know

Content Warnings 

  • Darkness

  • Foreign Sounds

  • Fabric and water touching audience members in the dark

Accessibility Ratings

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • 50% Visual Content (mainly visual with use of soundscape, no talking occurs during the performance.) 

  • Aural Rating 50% (D E P T H has sound and visual components, however sight is not a necessity to enjoy the show.)

  • Guided viewings (usher will help guide blind or low vision people to their seats and also explain exit strategies. → Glow in the dark tape to lead to the exit) 

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