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Mae Mobly

A concert performed in character, made up of original songs by Samira Reason


'Mae Mobly' is a theatre/concert show made up of original songs, detailing the character Mae Mobly post breakup and what she discovers in therapy.

50 minutes


Samira Reason (she/her)
writer / performer / director

Julian Smith Gard (he/him)
co composer / piano

Tom Purcell (he/him)
co composer / bass

Linus Mackie (he/him)
co composer / guitar

Thomas Fernando (he/him)
co composer / drums

Lachlan Rae (he/him)
co composer / trumpet

Jake Ware (they/them)

Charlotte Lincoln (she/her)

Elizabeth Paradillas (they/them)

Maxine Palmerson (she/they)

Maddi Hastings (she/her)

Miranda Turner (she/her)

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Content warnings

  • Mentions of depression

  • Visual implications of drug use

  • Simulated choking (live and via projection)




Accessibility ratings

  • Moments of flashing lights

  • Low light, blackout

  • Consistent loud live music, occasional vocalized yelling, occasional high-pitched sound from a guitar  

If there are any barriers to your access feel free to let us know

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