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who are you really? do you want to find out?

we are simply, here. come visit us. we welcome you, we see you. we are simply here to help. we are eager for your arrival.

this performance is a one on one experience. the performers will not touch you and we ask you not to touch the performers.

durational throughout the whole festival


Darcie Campbell (she/her)
creator / performer

Jesse Challis (he/him)
performer / deviser

Remy Heremaia (he/him)
performer / deviser

Chelsey Catana (she/her)
performer / deviser

Chloe Mckeon (she/her)
performer / deviser

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Content warnings

  • Content is controlled by the audience and what they choose to divulge, “fortune telling”




Accessibility ratings

  • Moments of low light

  • Smell of salt lamp and incense 

  • Objects shared between performer and audience  

If there are any barriers to your access feel free to let us know

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