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Saturn and Solitude

Welcome to non-binary Bridgerton.

In 1818 England, two sisters worship a god called Saturn that claims to be neither man nor woman, who hails from a mystical realm known only as “Canberra”. When a wealthy gentleman makes a marriage proposal to one of the sisters, this god decides to intervene.

45 minutes


Gabriel Fallen (they/them)
writer and director

Lindsay Gerhardt (she/they)

Maddie Garwood (she/her)
Theatre Technician

Chelsey Catena (she/her) -
"Marie Pembroke"

Michelle Rupert (she/her)
"Mr Beaumont"

Molly Simpson (she/her)
"Esme Pembroke"

Oriana Morris-Johnson (they/she)

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Content warnings

  • Coarse language

  • References to blood

  • References to menstruation

  • Discussions of forced marriage




Accessibility ratings

  • Moments of low light and blackout.

  • Moments of vocalised yelling and sudden loud noise.

If there are any barriers to your access feel free to let us know

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