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A Very Narrow Bridge 

The main thing is to have no fear at all

There is a conflict. Between families, between people, the new generation and their predecessors. It is the promises and passions of those no longer breathing alongside us. And yet it remains.


There are soldiers, and lovers and families and heartache. There are politics and battle and friendship and unnecessary casualties.

A story no one wants to hear and yet somehow continues to this day.


History has yet to deem it ‘overdone’

And thus it is presented once more.

Perhaps for the last time,

But that is unlikely.

40 minutes


Amira Susskind (she/her)
writer / director

Brienna Fernando (she/her)

Gabs Rota (all pronouns)

Indra Liyanaarachchi (he/him)

James Provis (he/him)

Justine Light Pre (she/her)
choreography deviser / "Safiya"

Karissa Chowdary (she/her)

Millie Craven (they/them)

Noah Gill (he/him)
"Rowan" / "Guard"

Shaked Gozlan (she/they)
art / promotional design

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Content warnings

  • Reference to implied suicide 

  • Simulated war and violence explicit violence and violent intention

  • Choreographed fight scene with swords

  • Mention of death

  • Reference to sexual activity, stylised sexual activity

  • Mention of xenophobia

  • Prejudice

  • Moment of significant distress

Accessibility ratings

  • Moments of darkness and low light.

  • Moments of overwhelming soundscape and raised voices.

If there are any barriers to your access feel free to let us know

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