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Does That Make Me a Bad Person


The new disco pop musical "Does That Make Me A Bad Person" explores identity, morals and the expectations placed on everyday people. See the spectacle that pans out following a group of big personalities that are trying to discover what to do to be a good person, while being paralysed by the "bad things" they do. Filled with catchy bops, big stage numbers and heart - you won't want to miss "Does That Make Me A Bad Person" at this years Muse Festival.

50 minutes 


 Bella Ness (she/her)
writer / director / "Borealis"

Sophie Ness
Co Director and Production design 

Aimee Forrest (she/her)

Amber Langman (she/her)

Felix McBrearty  (they/them)

Finn Woodlock (he/him)

India Firth (she/her)

James Ydreos (he/him)

Content Warnings 

Accessibility Ratings

Content warnings

  • References to body image 

  • References to death




Accessibility ratings

  • Moments of low light, flashing lights, and blackout.

  • Moments of loud noise, sudden loud noise, and overwhelming noise.

If there are any barriers to your access feel free to let us know

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