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The Gallery

THE GALLERY at MUSE festival 2022 will transform studio 6 into a space exhibiting digital artworks. True artists of the pandemic, the students of building 879 hold skills not just in live performance but digital artworks - come along and enjoy! 

STILL ONE by Rina Angela Corpus

 Still One' is part of Rina Angela Corpus' doctoral research on interiority through a creative process called galaw-nilay, an iteration of meditative movement through Philippine language. Shot in a beach in Batangas, Philippines, and a few parts in Yarra river, Melbourne, the creative process allowed Corpus to conjure images that were a result of an ongoing reflection of what meditative movement could mean, imaginatively, bodily, spatially and culturally, taking inspiration from Philippine baybayin writing, sacred sculptures, the imagery of water, and personal story. It was also a dialogue with the dance language that Corpus learned from Filipina-American choreographer Kristin Jackson’s works, and with her own body memory and story.

NILAY by Rina Angela Corpus

NILAY is a screendance that explores interiority as a source of movement expression, and a locus of experience. It investigates how dance can be a space of presence and awareness, a healing balm in the age of relentless clutter. Helen Herberston, Australian lifetime achievement awardee in dance, cites "the delicacy and spaciousness of this film." "Nilay" is the root of "pagninilay," a Filipino word which means 'to meditate.' As meditative movement in film, Nilay is an exploration of interiority in Philippine, Japanese and contemporary dance, drawing from baybayin writing, traditional nihonbuyo dance, entwined with filmic techniques, song and poetry. It is about the silent shifts felt internally but not always seen, allowing us to explore the subtlety of the inner life reflected outwardly in a dance of empathy, porosity and relationality.

Always A Stranger In A Foreign Place by Agnese Perri

‘Always a Stranger in a Foreign Place’ is an intimate reflection on the absence of belonging that comes with lacking stability in one’s sense of home. A videopoetry filmed in Hong Kong, it explores both Agnese Perri’s personal experiences in the constant ebbs and flows of what is home, as well as the impact on ‘home’ due to the wider political landscape in which it was made. Special thanks to Chu Chu Tsang for the Chinese translation. Filmed in Lung Ha Wan 龍蝦灣, Hong Kong. Edited on the lands of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung People of the Kulin Nations

Tacit (Work In Progress) by Lauren Swain, Sophia Derkenne, and Jett Chudleigh. Edited by Blended Films, composition by Luca Reading.

With the advent of covid-19 and continuing lockdowns, place has become torn apart from notions of home, as immovable boundaries have been established over and over and plans to travel consistently disrupted. Throughout all this, one of the only homes that remained immediate and reachable for us was the body. tacit (work in progress) is a short cinematic experience documenting our exploration of our physical homes through dance and visual art. It features all of us improvising movement in various spaces, and Sophia’s process of turning those movements into a collage of artworks of us in dynamic movement. The inspiration for the mixing of visual and performing arts came from the feeling that interpersonal relationships between bodies were jeopardized, intensified, and so blatantly temporary over the intense periods of isolation we went through in 2020 and again in 2021. We wanted to play with the opposing forces of the fluid movement of live performers versus the permanent documentation of that movement on paper. We hope through this video that we are able to capture our original concept of exploring the body as “home” – pertinently as we created the majority of this project via distance and confined to our homes in Naarm/Melbourne’s 6th lockdown. Sharing this work in the space of MUSE ’22 where live performance is happening once again and bodies are sharing space, feels like a timely reflection.



7-8pm Wednesday 20th July and Thursday 21st July

WHERE: Studio 6 

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