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How to get to VCA:


Video Description

Time Lapse video of someone walking from Flinders St stations down St Kilda Rd, passing the Arts precinct, then turning right into Southbank Blvd and walking towards Southbank Theatre, then turning left into Dodds St and walking past roadworks until they reach Building 879. There is a voiceover giving instructions throughout the video – transcript below.


Voiceover Transcript

Here is a simple walk-through on how to get to Building 879 from Flinders St station and St Kilda Rd trams. If you are coming from Flinders St station, exit onto St Kilda Road and turn right to walk across Princes Bridge.


Once you have crossed the bridge you will have Hamer Hall to your right, continue straight towards the Arts Centre. If you are taking the tram, get off at the Stop Arts Precinct/St Kilda Rd and cross the road to the Arts Centre.


You will then continue down past the National Gallery of Victoria until you reach the intersection of St Kilda Rd and Southbank Blvd. Cross over Southbank Blvd with the lights and turn right and walk towards the black and white building.


Once you reach Southbank Theatre turn left into Dodds St. and walk straight for 100 metres until you get to the multicoloured building of 879, please note that there are significant roadworks happening in Dodds St, so proceed with caution as there is some uneven ground. You have now made it to Building 879. Welcome to Muse. 

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